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About Kitty’s Kids


Kitty Kids provides ample space to stimulate over all development of tiny tots. Each branch of Kitty Kids is like castles of joy for kids.
A workforce of highly professional and committed teachers under the supervision and guidance of the chairperson are working towards providing little children the best of education and facilities and grooming them into leaders of tomorrow. All the teachers undergo rigorous training and are continuously educated about new revelations in child psychology.
The curriculum of Kitty Kids is based on the philosophy that ‘Each child is unique’ and ‘Let children be themselves’. Where children are given wings, the school also ensures that they develop strong roots. Most importantly, children are loved and made to feel cherished so that they approach life with a positive attitude.

Our Mascot:

Our Mascot ‘the great kitty cat’ signifies characteristics like cuteness, sharpness and agile nature , which truly represents the lovely kids .

Our Logo: A blue print of life.

Our Philosophy:

Kitty’s Kids philosophy is to understand the nature of child’s development and work in harmony with it. The educational process is designed in a way where the child learns to act in healthy coordination of head, heart and hands. We believe in the process of Learning by Doing – a child needs to ‘touch’, ‘explore’, ‘learn’ and ‘enjoy’ to understand the world around him. In order to stimulate a child’s imagination, we provide opportunities for the child to grow and develop while reading, listening and playing.

Research has conclusively proven that maximum learning happens during the early years of a child’s life where his mind is open to new ideas. It is essential to hone the intellectual, physical, emotional, linguistic, social and moral skills at this stage so that the child stands well equipped for the rest of his life. Our educational process teaches to respect the integral part of tradition and culture like strong sense of discipline, love and respect for the elders and teachers.

Kitty Kids curriculum is based on developmentally appropriate education that challenges and encourages but never pushes. The joyous environment, child-friendly equipment, enticing toys and scientifically designed games at Kitty Kids help a child to listen, discover, imagine and create. The love and warmth of teachers, who appreciate that each child is unique, take interest in each child’s mental, physical and emotional growth, facilitating the urge of ‘self discovery’ in each child.

To cultivate the child as a global human being, the child should have a fair knowledge of different religion and culture. And above all, they must have respect for each of them. To pursue this philosophy, Kitty’s Kids‘s curriculum includes celebration of different festivals in its fold through which information can be passed to the kids enjoyably.

Our Goal:

Kitty’s Kids’ curriculum is crafted to help the child to grow in a holistic way. It encourages the intellectual, analytical, artistic and practical faculty of each individual Kid. Our aim is to nurture and cultivate self-esteem, confidence, and independence and preserve sensitivity.

The comprehensive and thorough academic progress poised with various artistic, cultural and social activities, is designed to help the kids achieve high academic goal in their future. It’s our sincere effort to equip each child with deep understanding of life where science, arts, culture and spirituality are in perfect poise to each other.

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