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Why Kitty’s Kids

A pre-school is a child’s first long-term experience outside his home. In such a situation, ensuring the comfort-level of a child is very essential. A child blooms in an environment with a cheerful ambience. When a child is comfortable, he is able to interact better with both the teacher and other children.

At Kitty Kids, we ensure that the child feels as comfortable as he does at home. At the same time, we strike a balance by maintaining the discipline of a school. In the process, the child is able to discover his skills and talent as he is not intimidated by the environment. A typical day at Kitty Kids packs in the right amount of learning through fun which ensures that there is always a smile on the face of a every Kid.

Early childhood development & Growth as an individual: A preschool is the first place where a child gains a sense of his/her own individuality. A good preschool allows children to explore their uniqueness. Kitty Kids believes every child is unique with infinite potential.

That is why kitty Kids strives to provide your child with an enriching learning environment which allows her to be the best she can be.

Self reliance: Away from the confines of their home and their family, children in playschool are taught to perform basic tasks like eating their meals, drinking water, using toilets, talking (interacting) with others and many more on their own. At Kitty Kids, every child is given an opportunity to explore his/her innate abilities.

With well trained teachers and staff, Kitty Kids ensures that a child becomes self dependant by inculcating good habits along with high level of hygiene and safety.

Peer interaction: Learning to a great extent is collaborative in nature. A child learns a lot from her peers. Kitty Kids facilitates a healthy interaction among its students and enables them to have shared learning.

Through various well planned activities, students interact with each other to build their intrapersonal and interpersonal skills.

Preschool to School: As the name suggests a preschool prepares a child for a full school. A good preschool provides the right environment for a child that makes her transition smooth from a preschool to a school.