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Our program introduces your child to a more structured day with stimulating activities, group interaction and numerous opportunities to be inquisitive as he/she travels along the path to discover.
Children at this age are always imbibing information through all their senses. Our curriculum and monthly themes are based on real-world sensory experiences in order to cater to this need. Your child will spend a major part of his day, singing, dancing, laughing, playing and exploring both indoors and outdoors.

The monthly themes have been devised to help your child build cognitive, language, motor and social skills and self-esteem. Besides, he will be encouraged to learn, grow and discover at his own natural pace.


Provide a picture gallery of various activities to show / view the activities of kids in playschool.


Kitty Kids is A Play School That Cares. Personal attention, stress on good habits, etiquettes and extra help for the difficulties of the children are the special hallmarks of Kitty Kids. Parents appreciate having the peace of mind that comes from knowing that children are being supervised and taught by caring and capable faculty members and supportive staff in a safe and happy environment.

Kitty Kids Environment includes the following:

Fun Filled Nursery

Our strikingly colourful nursery boasts of a variety of safe and easy to handle toys and good number of educational games. Fun and learn block and bead games are there to introduce the child to the world of numbers and thus, augment the child’s mental ability to understand, analyse and love for numbers early in their life. Toys and equipments used are child friendly and non toxic. They are colourful and safe to play with. These teaching aids are an ideal way to learn in a fun way.

Creative Faculty

Kids are other name of vigour and channelizing their energy in a proper way is a big task for today’s parents. Considering this aspect, Kitty’s Kids is well equipped with colourful papers, clay, a variety of chalks and water colour.  Here children can unwind their energy in a creative way and feel relaxed.

Tech Talk

Today’s world is the world of technology. Early introduction to computers is the best way to achieve sincere edge in the path of technology. Toying with the mouse, children here can easily recognize alphabets and gradually develop reading skills through interesting short stories. Learning mathematics through different animation games is real fun for them.

Close to nature

Children love to be near the nature. They learn a lot about different faculties of science by just observing it closely.  The green and open environment of our play school caters to this need. Children here can observe the growth of plants and understand the movement of the sun, the earth and other planets with the help of our well trained teachers.

Rhyme and Rhythm

Different musical instruments are one of the integral parts of the physical environment of Kitty’s Kids. They make the ambience perfect and give the kids a chance to know and synchronize themselves with the various rhythms which in turn come out from the kids in the form of dancing, singing and rhyming.

Our Staff

We believe that a teacher’s skill plays a strong role in influencing the child’s power to grasp and learn concepts.  The lifeline of our organization is a battery of trained qualified teaching staff and experienced non teaching personnel. Their skill, care and affection ensure that before moving to the elementary grades, the child must develop a strong sense of self and social skills which are undisputedly important to be successful in the life.

We train the teachers in the best possible way and ensure that they are completely prepared for their responsibilities. In addition to their educational qualifications and training, we ensure that the teachers are warm and caring in their approach. The teachers are ably assisted by support staff. Regular in-service training is conducted and information about the latest trends in early childhood education and care are imparted as well.


  • Kitty’s Kids methodology emphasizes on concept building among the kids through various activities, games and varied experiences.
  • Developing the reading skill among the kids which is the foundation of all learning.
  • Introduction to number and its usages to the younger Kids. Mathematical concept building, problem solving and their practical application for a little older pupils.
  • Introduction to computers through various educational games.
  • Occasional field trips to help the kid learn through direct experience. It differs as per the age and syllabus.
  • To relate with the society and develop social skills, a variety of programs are part of our curriculum.
  • Occasional fun cooking sessions to help them understand the practical use of theoretical part of learning.
  • It is a proven fact that music and movement sessions enhance attention spans. Thus music, movements, rhymes and songs are one of the many meaningful programs of our curriculum.
  •  Creative arts such as drawing, painting, sculpturing simple objects while playing with clay has been given a very important place in our curriculum, so that young ones can learn to explore new path of thinking and can get the huge satisfaction of creating something.