We are pleased to be able to present to you this tour of our Pre-School. These images will give you a glimpse of the children’s fun rooms, some of their activities, the staff, as well as other facilities. We also invite you to visit our school yourself to take a tour in person. .


Your child’s safety is our first priority. So secure entrance and exit are important features in our pre-school.


  • We provide colourful & interesting books that help children understand the power and importance of early written words.
  • Early experiences with books help children make the vital connection between written words and virtual images, providing an excellent foundation for future learning.
  • A quiet place to read and look at picture books encourages language skills for beginning and advanced readers.

Pioneer to Technology:

Today’s world is the world of technology. Early introduction to computers is the best way to achieve sincere edge in the path of technology.


  • The joyous and fun filled environment stimulates the child to explore and discover.
  • our mission is to create facilities, programs & services that empower young children by helping them acquire the skills, confidence and positive self image needed to become healthy young adults.
  • We provide specialized, imported equipment which is fully adjustable & interchangeable, affording flexibility to provide healthy, fun & safe activities for young children.


  • Our reception area is child friendly & instantly appeals to the child because of the fun theme.
  • In the waiting area for the parents, we have handouts and display boards with all the relevant information for the parents
  • Our pre-school looks like children’s play house where everything is child-sized & child-friendly.

Outdoor Play area:

  • Exercise is just as important for your child as learning development skills which is why every Kitty Kids pre-school has an outdoor play area.
  • We consider outside play area as an extension to our fun room because we understand that the young children are learning continuously even through play.
  • The outdoor play area provides a safe and fun learning experience through exploration and active play. In our daily curriculum every child gets an opportunity to play in outside play area atleast once a day.


  • Our pre-school is designed to encourage health independence and good personal hygiene habits. Child-sized tanks & bathrooms are available in our school.
  • We design our bathroom and sinks so that the children can use them as needed without adult intervention.


  • The rooms are so designed that the child gets all the development inputs.
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