Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions :

Kitty Kids is dedicated to provide the best service to all parents and students. Here are few of the frequently-asked questions and queries that are raised by concerned parents.

Question: How is Kitty Kids different?

Answer: Kitty Kids’ prime focus is to nurture the uniqueness of every child. Kitty Kids has designed a diverse range of indoor & outdoor activities to achieve well defined learning and developmental goals that suit different learning styles of children.

Question: What is adult – child ratio in Kitty Kids classrooms?

Answer: In Kitty Kids, the maximum number of children in a classroom is limited to 20. To ensure optimum classroom learning, an adult-child ratio of 1:10 is maintained.

Question: What is the quality of the teachers in Kitty Kids?

Answer: Kitty Kids selects its staff strictly on the basis of their educational qualifications, relevant experience and their attitude and sensitivity towards caring for young kids. It provides compulsory and intensive training so that they impart Kitty Kids’ academic curriculum in the way it is meant to be.

Question: What is the assessment process in Kitty Kids?

Answer: Kitty Kids does not believe in competitive assessment. The fact that every child is unique and has an infinite potential makes it irreverent to gauge them on a common scale. Kitty Kids endeavours to help each and every child discover this unique potential. This is possible because of the observation-based, continuous and cumulative process through which students are not scrutinized but allowed to express themselves unreservedly.

Question: How is discipline encouraged in Kitty Kids?

Answer: Kitty Kids follows a child-friendly behaviour management routine which includes RPI – Rules, Praise and Ignore. Child-centric measures are adopted and the teachers and other adults are trained to be proactive and find solutions along with the children.No corporal punishment are allowed.

Question: What is the medium of instruction in Kitty Kids?

Answer: The medium of instruction is English and Hindi.

Question: What are the languages taught in Kitty Kids?

Answer: English and Hindi are introduced to make the children feel more comfortable and be prepared for a formal school.

Question: Does Kitty Kids admit children during mid-year?

Answer: Yes, Kitty Kids allows admissions in midterm.

Question: Is there a transfer policy?

Answer: Kitty Kids recognizes that there are many situations such as transfer of parents from one city to another, where a child needs to be transferred from one Kitty Kids to another Kitty Kids. To facilitate this, a transfer policy rests with all Kitty Kids.